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What is the Amp2Seq Service and how much does it cost?


Amp2Seq covers the amplification and sequencing of a sample from $387.50 to $650 per barcoded library depending on the number of samples that you have and which sequencing platform you choose. Let’s say, for example, you wanted to study the TCR alpha and TCR beta repertoire of a single sample.  This is equivalent to two barcoded libraries because two unique reagent systems are required for the amplification. Send us the RNA, and we will perform the amplification and sequencing on the Illumina MiSeq or HiSeq sequencing platform with multiplexing of up to sixty samples.  This means that your two barcoded libraries would be pooled with other customer libraries. Please note that there is an extended time frame for amplification and sequencing because samples must be processed in sequencing batches. Alternatively, if you have enough libraries to fill a sequencing lane, then this delay will not occur.



Will I have access to the raw data?


Since the libraries are multiplexed with other customer’s libraries, we can provide the de-multiplexed data (not the raw sequencing data). This restriction does not apply if you fill an entire lane with only your samples.



What is the price for basic data analysis?


Basic data analysis is free of charge.



How do I order or request a quote for the Amp2Seq Service?


To order Amp2Seq Service, please fill out the following questionaire (1-6) and e-mail


  1. Specify that you are interested in our Amp2Seq service and if you would prefer HSeq or MiSeq.

  2. Human or mouse?

  3. How many samples (prior to barcoding)?

  4. Which chains would you like sequenced (eg. IgH, TCR-beta, etc.)?

  5. Calculate the number of barcoded libraries (multiply the answer from 3 by the number of chains in 4).

  6. Please indicate if you would prefer 100 PER or 250 PER kits. If ordering 250 PER, then the sequencing platform must be MiSeq.


A customer service representative will contact you to confirm the details of your order and provide a sample submission form with packing and sample quantity instructions.