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Amplification Service


iRepertoire is happy to perform the amplification for you.  To request a quote or order an amplification service, please use the Reagent System Interactive Guide below. This will lead you to the catalog numbers for primer purchases. When ordering, these can be simply converted to amplification service by replacing  "-P" with "-S" as per the instructions below.

What You Should Know Before You Begin
  • Amplification service orders are $500 per reaction (one barcode is one reaction).

  • Amplification service orders do NOT include the cost associated with sequencing.

  • A sequencing service will need to be added to the order. For sequencing pricing, click here.

  • To place an amplification service order, change the "-P" of the catalog number to "-S" after going through the Reagent System Interactive Guide (see example below). 

How to Order

Send us the following information through our contact page, and we will issue a quote.


  • Institution

  • Name

  • Shipping/Billing Address

  • Phone Number

  • E-mail Address

  • List the catalog item identifier of interest through our Reagent System Interactive Guide

  • Replace the "-P" with a "-S"

  • Add a sequencing service; if you are unsure, customer service will contact you.

  • How many samples you would like pooled into a sequencing lane or flow cell

An Example Order
For example, to order the amplification service for human BCR heavy chain for 5 samples on the Illumina MiSeq, follow the guide below. The catalog item will be listed as HBHI-M-01-P through HBHI-M-10-P. When placing the order, change the item to HBHI-M-0X-S. The price will be $500/reaction (one barcode represents one reaction). An example order follows:


  • The IgGy Immunology Institute

  • Molly Cule

  • 314 Humoral Lane, Antigen City, AL 55555

  • (256)555-5555



  • 1 MiSeq Flow Cell

  • 5 samples


Drop by our Document Center and download the sample submission form that is to be completely filled out and sent with each submission.

Reagent System Interactive Guide

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Are you interested in studying the immune repertoire of T or B cells?

All products and services listed in this catalog are for research use only, not for clinical diagnostics. Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. All prices are for domestic orders only.  For international orders, please contact your local distributor.