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Introducing iPair

iPair is the first commercialization of the physical, cognate pairing of human TCR alpha and TCR beta chains. 


The immune repertoire amplification of T-cell receptors coupled with next-generation sequencing provides detailed, sequence-level insight into the immune system. However, information related to the cognate pairing of alpha and beta chains is lost once RNA extraction is performed on the bulk sample. iRepertoire has developed a sensitive method that allows for the amplification of both TCR alpha and beta chains from single cells using arm-PCR all in the same reaction well.  If you are interested in the service we would be happy to set-up an appointment to discuss your custom project needs.  Please email Customer Service at for more information.  Otherwise, to access a demo of the iPair Analyzer software, please follow this link.


Our poster from AAI 2017 reveals the latest information about our iPair service for the cognate pairing of human alpha and beta TCR chains.  Soon we will be introducing our iPair+ service, which will extend the coverage to other genes in order to characterize cells including GATA3, FOXP3, IFNg, IL-2, IL-4, TNFa, perforin, and many more.