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Automate Using the iRepertoire on Cassette Kit (iRock)

You can purchase our primers and use a regular PCR machine to make a sequencing library, or use the iR-Processor™ to generate the library automatically!

At the core of the iR-Processor™ technology is the iR-Cassette™. Immune repertoire amplification primers and enzymes (excluding the reverse transcriptase) are preloaded into the cassette. The disposable iR-Cassette™ is for one library preparation. Just add the appropriate volume of RNA, nuclease-free water, reverse transcriptase, and load the cassette into iR-Processor™. The instrument will automatically set up and carry out two rounds of PCR reactions. The first round of PCR uses multiplex PCR primers that are specific to different families of V and C genes, and a barcode is also introduced during this round of PCR. The second round of PCR is carried out using “communal primers,” which are also the sequencing primers. When PCR is done, primer-dimers are removed in the iR-Cassette™, and no additional enzymatic reactions are necessary. To take full advantage of the sequencing run (and to reduce the per-sample sequencing costs), pooling amplified libraries is highly recommended and requires the purchase of multiple barcoded cassettes. Visit our Pooling Samples page to learn more.

Another advantage of using the iR-Cassette™ is that final library clean-up is automatically performed, and gel purification is not necessary, saving on both time and cost.  


In addition to ease of use, the iR-Cassette™ will also help to avoid amplicon contamination, as the PCR reagents are pre-loaded and the reaction set-up is completed inside the sealed, single-use cassette. For more information about the  iR-Processor™ system, please contact us at

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