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Frequently Asked Questions About iRepertoire Pricing

Below you will find some of the questions that we are frequently asked about iRepertoire Pricing. If you have a question that is not listed below, please contact us.

Could you please provide information about the pricing of your primers and service?

Please contact Customer Service at for more information.  For international orders, please contact your local distributor.  If you do not see a distributor for your region or country, please contact Customer Service for the best solutions for your studies.


Could you please explain why there are multiple barcodes provided in the catalog?


Multiple barcodes are provided so that you can best take advantage of a given sequencing platform and ultimately reduce the cost of sequencing per sample (depending upon how many samples you chose to pool). Each sample that you would like sequenced should be amplified with a unique barcode prior to pooling.  One catalog item includes enough reagents to produce 10 libraries (all of which will have the same barcode). However, to best utilize, for example, the Illumina sequencing capacity, libraries generated from up to 20 samples, each with a different barcode, can be pooled together in one single HiSeq lane. 


To study multiple samples in the same sequencing run, you need to purchase multiple iRepertoire primer kits with different barcodes, amplify the samples separately, pool the PCR products together before submitting the pooled library for sequencing. Our data analysis software will identify and differentiate the samples based on the barcodes used during arm-PCR. 


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