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Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping

Below you will find some of the questions that we are frequently asked about shipping to iRepertoire. If you have a question that is not listed below, please contact us.

What is the process for shipping a sample for service?
















  1. First, request a quote and then submit a purchase order (PO) to with a description of the service project you would like for us to complete. Currently, we offer three types of service: 1) library preparation from RNA with or without sequencing service, 2) library preparation from gDNA with or without sequencing service, or 3) sequencing of a pre-prepared library (made with iRepertoire’s Reagent Systems).

  2. Once we receive your PO, please fill out the sample submission form online.

  3. We will send you a confirmation e-mail once your sample has been received. 



What is the shipping address?


iRepertoire, Inc.

800 Hudson Way

Suite 2304

Huntsville, AL 35806


What are the shipping and packaging conditions?


RNA or gDNA samples should be shipped overnight to iRepertoire on dry ice. For domestic shipments, we recommend that samples be shipped Monday through Thursday. For international shipments, we recommend shipping on Monday or Friday. 


The following figure demonstrates the suggested method for packaging your shipment: 


The DNA is stable, so can I ship it at room temperature?


DNA is stable, but we don't want anything to happen during shipping.  If there is a problem, we likely won't see it until sequencing is done. It is preferred that dry ice or icepacks be used during the shipping process. 


How should I ship my live cells for processing?


Please store live cells in Qiagen's RNAprotect Cell Reagent (cat no. 76526).  For the appropriate volume, please follow the manufacturer's recommendation.  Please place the cells in appropriate tubing for shipment and place the tubes in a biohazard bag with absorbant pad.  The biohazard bag should be placed in an insulated container containing ice packs. 


How should I ship whole blood for processing?


Whole blood should be drawn in an appropriate vacutainer containing an anticoagulant such as EDTA or sodium heparin.  Please place the labeled vacutainer(s) in a biohazard bag with an absorbant pad.  The biohazard bag should be placed in an insulated container containing ice packs and shipped overnight to iRepertoire.