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Let us do the work for you!

Would you like for us to handle the library preparation and/or sequencing for you?  iRepertoire offers full service for your amplification and sequencing needs. You can also order the amplification services separate from the sequencing service with the "a la carte" option. Read below to learn why this may be a good option for you.

To help our customers reduce research costs, we are now offering an all-in-one service option which includes amplification through sequencing service on a per sample basis with Amp2Seq on the Illumina MiSeq or HiSeq platform. For each MiSeq run, we pool 10 - 15 or 40+ amplified libraries, depending on your research goals. If you would like to do a pilot study or do not have at least 10 samples, then we would pool your samples with other customer's samples or our own R & D to reach the minimum. For each HiSeq lane, we pool anywhere from 20 to 60 libraries. To learn more or to order, click the link above. If you would prefer to purchase an entire lane for your samples, then please take a look at our a la carte options below.

Benefits of using

Amp2Seq: MiSeq

  • No minimum number of samples

  • TCR and BCR repertoire for both human and mouse

  • Long-read length option for V-region discovery from within framework 1 through the beginning of the C-region

  • BCR repertoire - information on isotype, hypermutations, and class switching

  • Hybridoma/survey pricing


* Please see Amp2Seq Technical Flyer for more information. All prices are for domestic orders only. For international orders, please contact your local distributor

Benefits of using Amp2Seq: HiSeq


  • CDR3 discovery

  • TCR repertoire for both human and mouse

  • Low sample cost, deep sequencing

  • Pool more samples and maintain deep sequencing


* Please see Amp2Seq Technical Flyer for more information. All prices are for domestic orders only. For international orders, please contact your local distributor

A La Carte: Order Services Separately

There are several reasons as to why you might want to order the amplification service separately from the sequencing service. For instance, you may have a lot of samples for which you would like to discover the CDR3 sequence using the Illumina HiSeq. In this case, it can be more economical to order these services separately. Another reason is that you may want to pool less than 10 samples in a MiSeq run for deeper coverage, or you may not want to pool with other customer's samples. Some customers want to do the amplification in their own laboratories but want to use us for the sequencing service. That is fine, too! Select the appropriate links below to learn how we can help you acheive your research goals.

We offer full service amplification to sequencing.  Please take a look at our Amplification Service pages to see what we offer! Drop by our Document Center and download the sample submission form that is to be filled out completely and sent with each submission.

To accompany our primer kits and service, we offer sequencing services for both the Illumina and Roche 454 platforms. For sequencing services, we accept nucleic acid and amplicons that were amplified using iRepertoire primer kits. 

We offer free basic data analysis with every order which includes:


  • Molecular ID/barcode sequencing decoding

  • Free download of demultiplexed raw and/or filtered sequencing data

  • V, D, J, & C alignment to germline alleles

  • CDR1, CDR2, and CDR3 identification (Long read kits)

  • CDR3 identification (Short read kits)

  • For BCR chains, identification of IgG, IgA, IgM, IgE, IgD, and subisotypes

  • V-J combination distribution

  • Identification and comparison of clones present in given samples. Compare repertoires and identify shared CDR3s between temporally mapped disease state samples, for example.

  • Diversity Index calculation

  • Normalized and non-normalized distribution of N-addition, CDR3 length, V-J nibbling, and V-J usage

All products and services are for research use only, not to be used for clinical diagnostics.